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The emergence of the concept of printed circuit from 1936, to the production of PCB primary scale in the 50's of last century, after decades of development, PCB has become a global industry. The printed circuit is to develop in depth of field, the industrial chain covering PCB, copper clad laminate (Copper-clad Laminate, CCL), production line equipment, raw and auxiliary materials and surface mount (Surface Mounting Technology, SMT), electronic manufacturing services (Electronics Manufacturing Services, EMS) link.

PCB equipment and accessories for the PCB industry supporting industry, is closely related to the development level of the scale, technology level and the PCB industry, and ultimately affected the terminal electron system product demand. The global financial crisis caused by the sharp decline in the market of electronic products, PCB industry and the supporting industry of the upper reaches of the great impact. But fortunately, global demand begins to anabiosis strong, especially in the Chinese market, to promote economic recovery and policies, PCB supporting industry usher in a new development opportunity.

Electronic system scale and growth has recovered to pre crisis levels
Terminal application market of PCB, including computer, communication, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, medical, military, aerospace and semiconductor packaging, can be referred to as the electronic system products. USA electronic industry consulting company Prismark data shows, 2006 ~2010 period, product value of global electronic system increased from 1443000000000 US dollars to 1738000000000 US dollars, the average annual compound growth rate of 3.8%, during the years 2006 ~2008 the average annual compound growth rate of 5.9%. In the aftermath of the 2009 turmoil, market demand for rapid recovery in 2010, up from $1489000000000 in 2009 16.7% increase.
According to the prediction of Prismark, in 2011 the global electronic products output will increase by 5.8% to $1839000000000, to $2319000000000 in 2015, five compound annual growth rate of 5.9% growth before the financial crisis, and from 2006 to 2008 the level of growth consistent.
The PCB industry China synchronization recovery, strong market growth
The PCB industry is one of the most important electronic information industry sub sectors. In 2006 ~2008 PCB global total output value of the average annual compound growth rate of 5.9%. In 2009, affected by financial crisis, the global PCB output was down 14.5% in 2008, to $41200000000, the average annual compound growth rate of only 2.5% ~2010 2006 years. In 2010, a strong recovery benefit from the downstream demand, in 2010 the global PCB production value grew 23.6%, to $51000000000, and exceeded the pre crisis level.
According to the prediction of Prismark, in 2011 the global PCB production value growth rate will reach 7%, to $54600000000. During the 2011 ~2015 years, global PCB will keep the speed stable growth of 6.5%, the overall size of 2015 is expected to reach $69800000000.
In Asia, America and Europe are PCB production regions in the world the most, of which Asia accounted for more than 80% of global output. More specifically, Japan as the electron industry, the output of PCB over the past five years in the world always occupy more than 20% market share.

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